Statement Pieces

What’s the first thing that grabs your attention when you step into a room? If it’s nothing, you’re probably in need of a statement piece. Their importance is usually underrated, and when done well, they can make or break a space. Think of them as the contour of decor. If it doesn’t stand out, it’s probably not a statement piece.

What Is a Statement Piece?

The word statement is self-explanatory. These pieces of furniture or contrasting patterns communicate something in a bold way. They can be a tangible representation of someone’s personality, or they might just be there to give a fantastic first impression. Whatever the case, featuring a statement piece can be tricky. It’s not as simple as buying the wackiest thing you find at the store. The goal is to provide a focal point that makes an otherwise normal, boring room come alive.

Finding Statement Pieces

Whether it’s a colorful vintage couch or an extravagant light fixture, there’s a fine line between stylish statement pieces and furniture that clashes with everything else. Here are a few common elements to highlight.

Using Gold

Gold contrasts nicely with most color schemes and tends to stand out in a room. It also creates an air of sophistication and class. Too much gold can make a room look cheap, so seek to find that perfect balance.Statement Pieces

Using Patterns

Similarly, custom wallpapers with interesting patterns allow for boldness without being over the top. Animal print (yes, it’s back!) on couches and rugs is a chic look. As with gold, too much animal print can be a drawback, but one can’t go wrong with a touch of zebra. Chevron, black and white tile floors, and geometric wallpapers also work beautifully.Statement Pieces, Zebra Rug

Using Furniture

The same way that certain colors complement each other, the combination of modern and vintage furniture is striking and works well in most spaces. Mixing and matching different materials is common and makes a space look trendy and dynamic.

Statement Pieces for a Room

The combination of these objects with modern pieces is show-stopping:

  • Chesterfield couches
  • Vintage frames
  • Vibrant chandeliers

Statement Pieces in a Plain Room

Making a piece work with existing furniture and available space might be difficult, especially if your existing furniture isn’t all that interesting. However, a design plan should always include this important focal point, because it helps a lot with space planning. It is always a good idea to mix materials. The contrast of different textures gives unparalleled depth to a room.Statement Pieces, Textures

Extraordinary Pieces for an Extraordinary Space

It’s always good to keep in mind the specific goal for the look of a room. Whether it’s regal, industrial, artsy, minimalist, or maximalist, this helps to determine exactly what the “statement” is. Think about it, you’re not ordinary, so why should your space be? As an interior designer, I push the envelope by using bold colors, textures, patterns, and furniture. Let’s connect to give your space personality and an exceptional vibe.