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It’s amazing what a few simple factors can do to make a room come together. As a black and gold cheerleader, I always keep an eye out for contrast, interesting light fixtures and textures that can turn any room into an appealing, truly enjoyable space. Style spotting is not as straightforward as it seems, as there are so many different styles out there. Outlined below are some “spotted” pieces that catch your eye and make you want to touch.

Black and Gold

There are so many reasons to combine opposing colors such as black and gold. It makes a room look instantly sophisticated and adds an interesting air of drama. Colors that contrast often complement, which is why black makes gold pop, and gold makes black look even blacker. Combine this with a simple but noticeable piece of furniture, such as the gorgeous seatbelt chair shown below, and you have yourself an extraordinary room.

The Bolder the Better

Don’t be afraid of bold colors in small spaces. Interior design is past the old myth that dark colors makes a room look smaller. If you have a small space to work with, bolder colors might actually bring out the best elements your room has to offer.

In the bathroom below, the black and gold combination works wonders to transform a normal bathroom into a stunning, eye-catching space. The antique-style mirror balances well between the two gold light fixtures, and the gold handles on the cabinets really pop. The colors look dynamic, highly contrasted and elegant.

The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to go black.

Stunning Light Fixtures

Chandeliers are no longer just for fancy dining rooms; but in the room below, that’s exactly what they are. The lantern-style chandeliers in this dining room are the focal point of the space, evoking a royal, beauty-and-the-beast feeling. It’s a clever way to utilize light fixtures to draw the eye and also complement the elements that surround it.

Chandeliers Are Versatile

Take a slightly less dramatic chandelier and place it in a small bathroom, and suddenly the room looks a lot more interesting. The bathroom below has been transformed by combining watercolor wallpaper and a dangling chandelier, but in this case, the light fixture is not the center of the room. It’s a clever element that brings everything together without overshadowing the gorgeous mirror, the unique side table or the beautiful black marble tile floor.

Fascinating Textures

Adding texture to a flat room is the best way to make the room come alive. You can do this with fabrics, furniture, decorative vases, tiles–there are endless ways to incorporate it. It’s also a wonderful technique for establishing a statement piece. The wooden storage cabinets below add fabulous texture and instantly become the star of the room, with an unusual surface that just makes you want to touch. That’s the goal of any texture in a room; it should make someone itch to touch it.

Tampa Style Spotter Jacqueline Downs

If you’re looking for an expert style spotter, Jacqueline Downs has an eye for show-stopping pieces. She specializes in both interior and exterior design for residential and commercial spaces, turning lifeless rooms into works of art. Contact Jacqueline for a transformative design experience. And follow her on social for more design inspiration.